State Farm Insurance Cancellation Fax Number

State Farm Insurance Cancellation Fax Number for Auto Policy Cancel is :

Mailing Address: One State Farm Plaza D2

 Bloomington IL 61710-0001

Office Number: (309)766-2311

Toll Free Number: (800)252-1932

Fax Number: (309)766-4655

Steps to File and Report an Auto Insurance Claim

We've been helping our members with claims. With all that practice, we can get you back to normal quickly and fairly.

We take care of members by making sure they’re prepared.

Here's what to do in case of an accident:

1. If there are injuries, please call 9-1-1 for assistance.

2. Notify police immediately.

3. Please collect the following:

Names of people involved in the accident
License plate numbers
Name of insurance company and policy number

4. If your vehicle is not drivable, remove and take all personal items with you, such as personal information, valuables, and clothing.

5. Call State Farm Insurance claims service from the scene of the accident 24/7.

Print a copy (PDF) of these steps and keep them in your vehicle's glove box in case you're in an accident.

  • Report your claim one of these 5 ways:
  • Call (800)252-1932 anytime 
  • Report your claim online
  • Contact your State Farm Insurance agent
  • Log in to Online Account Access

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