Orange customer services Number

Orange customer services NumberFor all enquiries pertaining to the telecommunications company Orange, contact the Orange customer services department directly on the number: 0844 800 3117. Orange are one of the UK’s most popular telecommunications companies and their customer services department take a large number of telephone calls every day.

All callers must be older than 18 years of age and have the bill payer’s permission to place the call to Orange customer services. It may well be that Orange record all of their telephone calls so that they can use the instances as examples in training and so that they can use the phone calls in the future should either Orange or the customer have a discrepancy regarding the account in question.

Orange Customer Services Number – 0844 800 3117

The reasons for calling Orange customer services are nigh-on endless. Orange have recently merged with a fellow telecommunications company and now they offer the highest level of service possible; the acquisition of new customers will push companies to do this. This is very beneficial for the customers because if they are interested in altering the service they currently receive, they can express their discontent and most likely the company will pander to their needs; the aim is to not lose customers!

The Orange customer services team are available to be called whenever you need to speak with them, it is not just over the phone however it is also online. As mentioned earlier, there are a multitude of ways to contact the Orange customer services department and some of these include using the email or live chat functions available

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