Santa Fe Indonusa Moving relocation Company

Santa Fe Indonusa Moving relocation Company

Santa Fe Jakarta - A diverse country with 240 million people living in an archipelago consisting of 17,508 islands, 400 ethnic groups and 300 distinct languages. Indonesia is also a world leader in biodiversity

Moving to or from Jakarta? Santa Fe offers moving, relocation, real estate and visa & immigration services for individuals and companies moving to Indonesia and around the world. For Santa Fe’s full destination report on living and working in Jakarta, contact us today! 

  1. Indonesia Visa & Immigration Services – Indonesia visas, work permit or other documents 
  2. Relocations Services in Indonesia - including individual lump sum and corporate relocations to and from Indonesia 
  3. Indonesia Moving Services - local and international moving company within Indonesia and around the world 
  4. Indonesia Real Estate Services – complete home search services Santa Fe Indonesia Records Management Solutions Whether you manage your records by carton, file, document or magnetic media, Santa Fe can help you catalogue, locate and retrieve information quickly.


Santa Fe Indonusa,PT


PT. Santa Fe Indonusa

Jl. Karanggan Muda Raya No. 59
Gunung Putri
Jawa Barat 16961

Office Hours
Monday - Friday

(021) 29612990 and fax : +(62-21) 2961 2991

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