Lokasi Mall Taman Anggrek

Mall Taman Anggrek Jakarta

An unmistakable landmark in West Jakarta's prime residential and commercial district, Mal Taman Anggrek dominates the Tomang Interchange that links the thriving cities of Bekasi and Tangerang.

Its strategic location - close to housing estates, condominiums, offices and universities - and excellent road access allow it to tap the regional market of over 20 million residents, while enjoying daily consumer traffic from the 2,824 affluent local and expatriate families, for whom the complex is home.
source : http://www.taman-anggrek-mall.com/

 Lokasi Mall Taman Anggrek


Mal Taman Anggrek


JL. Letjen S. Parman, Kav. 21, West Jakarta, 11470, 11470, Indonesia

+62 21 5639113

Map mal taman anggrek.

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